Our Philosophy

Discovery, wonderment, excitement and most of all fun!

 Many great philosophers have created wonderful approaches to the world of early childhood education, like Maria Montessori, Jean Piaget, Lorus Malaguzzi and so many others. Through our examination of these philosophies, it is our belief that no one approach, such as Montessori, Highscope, Reggio Emilia, or any other, has exclusively defined the best teaching methods for these important years in a child’s life.

Therefore, we at All Smiles Childcare have taken the best of what the most widely accepted approaches have to offer, and combined them into our own unique philosophy. Our philosophy is based on the belief that children learn through play and are enriched through interaction with other children and responsible, caring adults.

The All Smiles Childcare Programs are designed to nurture confidence, social skills and respect in children, for themselves, each other, their parents, teachers and the community. With a focus on early reading, writing and math skills, children here are encouraged to learn more about their own unique abilities and the environment around them. Our Programs are created recognizing that every child is an individual with their own needs and interests.

In addition, incorporating aspects such as documenting the children's daily progress, our philosophy welcomes and provides opportunities for  parental involvement. The Centre has been built to provide an atmosphere of comfort, learning, respect and security for all who attend.

It is our goal that the early years of a child's life spent with us at the All Smiles Childcare Centre should be a time of discovery, wonderment, excitement and most of all fun!